9 August 2018


Typically a customer comes to us with a product, that requires processing but with no off-the-shelf equipment readily available in the marketplace. Our highly experienced technical design/sales team will put together several proposals for evaluation before submitting a finalized and detailed quotation. If you have a requirement, do not hesitate to contact us. Because we are sure to have an innovative solution to meet your budget. Here are some Ongoing, Completed, and Delivered Projects for various major industries by enProducts®.

P-RO 3.0 Liquid Filling
Precision Molecular medicine handling robot
Automatic heat sealing machine
Visual inspection table
Heat Shrink Oven- PLC based
Wire Stripping Machine
Connector Assembly Machine
Spring Insertion Machine
Connector End Cap Insertion Fixture
Terminal Cropping & Pin Insertion Machine
Bending And Torsion Set Up For Cables
Semi Automatic Seal Insertion Machine
EOAT for Gantry Robot
EOAT for 6 Axis Robo
IC Cropping Fixture
IC Bending Machine
Cable & Terminal Holding Fixture
Terminal Clamp Fixture
Cable Pre-Feeder System
PCB Assembly Machine
4 Way Connector Assembly Machine
Relay Cover Cleaning Machine
Door Durability Tester
Rubber sheet separator
Boiler Feed Logger and Control system
New Product Development (USA)
Drop Testing Machine 1 Ton
Liquid Packing Line Automation.
Instant Tea Packing Automation
6 Axis Robotic Insert Molding
Injection Molding Machine Part Picking with 6 Axis Robot Automation
Shrink Sleeve Heating Oven
Shrink Sleeve Cutter
Servo Hydro Pneumatic Flaring Machine
Metal Parts Cleaning Machine
6 Axis ABB Robotic Insert Molding
Heat Staking Machine
Dual Hand Industrial Sensor
IC Lead Bending Machine
Fully Automatic Connector Assembly Machine