IP Fuse Box Tester

IP Fuse Box Tester  is an end of line tester for relay fuse boxes prominently seen in automobiles. The system conducts continuity checks, electrical checks and vision check using a vision camera. After the checks are completed, the part / fuse box is brought outside by a small conveyor system. The machine prominently rely on pneumatics for part movement and locking. The output is exhibited using a monitor for camera visuals and a HMI screen for displaying functions and programs.

Key Features of IP Fuse Box Tester  :

▪ Advanced camera systems for ensuring the quality of the system.
▪ HMI Screen and control switches for better user interaction with the machine.
▪ Pneumatic Locking and part transfer system.
▪ Monitor for camera visual output.
▪ Easy and simple operation.

Electrical Specifications:

• Input Power: Single Phase, 230V, 50Hz, 2KW

Pneumatic Specifications:

• Operating pressure – 6 bar

Weight: 800Kg

pcb fuse box image

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