8-way Connector Assembly Machine

Our 8-way connector assembly machine is a semi automated machine designed and developed for the assembly and testing of 8-way connector, which will be working with pneumatic control. The operators loads the connector and the machine assembles them using pneumatic power. This innovative machine represents a significant advancement in connector manufacturing, making the entire process more accessible and user-friendly.

At its core, this sophisticated system is designed to streamline and enhance the assembly process with a focus on efficiency and accuracy. Operated by skilled technicians, the machine seamlessly integrates human expertise with advanced pneumatic control mechanisms. The process begins with operators loading the connectors onto the machine, setting the stage for a meticulously orchestrated assembly sequence.

Harnessing the power of pneumatic control, the machine orchestrates the intricate assembly of 8-way connectors with unparalleled precision. Pneumatic power, characterized by controlled air pressure, plays a pivotal role in driving the assembly process, ensuring consistency and reliability in each connector produced.

Beyond assembly, the machine incorporates a testing phase, affirming the functionality and reliability of the assembled connectors. This dual functionality not only expedites the manufacturing process but also guarantees a high standard of quality assurance. The pneumatic control system contributes not only to the speed and accuracy of assembly but also to the overall safety and durability of the connectors.

In the realm of manufacturing, where precision and speed are paramount, the Connector Assembly Machine stands as a testament to innovation. It harmonizes human expertise with pneumatic efficiency, offering a robust and reliable solution for the assembly and testing of 8-way connectors. As industries evolve, this machine emerges as a cornerstone, exemplifying the fusion of cutting-edge technology and human skill in the pursuit of unparalleled manufacturing excellence.


 Key Features:

  •  Pneumatically Operated.
  •  Easy and simple operation. 
  •  Fully customizable design. 
  •  HMI for display of machine status.


  •   Input Power : 1 Phase – 230 V 50- Hz, 500 W
  •   Weight : Approx. 180 Kg
  •   Operating Pressure : 6 Bar



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