Relay Cover Cleaning Machine

A relay cover cleaning machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for cleaning the covers or enclosures of electrical relays. Relays are devices used in electrical systems to control the flow of electricity and are commonly found in industrial settings, power distribution systems, and control panels. The relay covers might have accumulated  moisture and residuals of flash during manufacturing. Proper cleaning of relay covers is essential to maintain the reliability and safety of electrical systems, especially in critical applications where any contamination or failure can have significant consequences. Our machine is not only capable of eliminating contaminants in the relay cover but also neutralizes any electrostatic charges present.

Key Features:

  •   60 – 80 parts cleaned per minute.
  •   Customizable according to requirements.
  •   Compact and portable.
  •   Rugged construction.
  •   Easy  maintenance.
  •   ESD ionizer fan enabled.


  •   Input Power : 2.5 KW. 1 PH, N, E
  •   Weight : Approx. 450 Kg
  •   Operating Pressure : 6 Bar

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