Terminal Detection and assembling unit-Web

Connector Assembly and testing.

enProducts® recently developed a product ‘Connector Assembly and testing’ for an automotive connector assembly line where the quality of terminals is to be ensured. After terminal insertions, this console checks for its proper insertion and locks terminal locks, also adds test marks. PLC-based compact, tabletop assembly station works with pneumatic pressure with precise movement with[…]

Shrink Sleeve Cutter

Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine

enProducts® proudly presents the Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine (Shrink Sleeve Cutter) , a standalone pneumatic-driven tool crafted with precision for cutting standard length shrink tubes, specifically designed for automotive cable harnessing. This innovative machine, equipped with a PLC , operates smoothly with compressed air, showcasing efficiency in the automotive manufacturing process.  Tailored for cutting shrink[…]

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IC Bending machine 3

Servo based IC Lead bending Machine

IC, Resistors, Diodes for PCB manufacturing especially for automotive industry require the leads to be in different shape. In all cases these products comes in reel form. To make the leads to the required shape, enProducts® automatic bending machines are the best solution when precision and volume is required. This IC lead bending machine is[…]

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Conveyor Oven 4

Conveyor Oven

enProducts® energy-efficient conveyor ovens are the highly reliable, precise, and controllable heating type with IR heating technology. Our conveyor ovens are up to 5 Meter length, .5 meter Width oven (Customization) that can produce 150℃, highly energy-efficient, and only consumes 4 KW/hr. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted and can be customized as[…]

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6 Axis Robotic insert molding

enProducts® recently successfully completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic insert molding projects in collaboration with STAUBLI robotics. Our involvement spanned the entire project lifecycle, from concept design and robotic model selection to the meticulous design of Claw modules, manufacturing, and seamless integration. Notably, this cutting-edge initiative showcased our capability in handling 44 small components with precision,[…]

Filling Line Automation

Liquid Filling Assembly Line

enProducts® recently proposed an extraction filling plant automation and the proposal is in consideration. We have made initial study to implement the automation, further concept design is proposed to the management. KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Semi-automated low speed packaging line designed for flexibility Integrated In-line filler Automated conveying system with rapid rail adjustment Manual capping/spray inserter[…]

Rubber Sheet Separating Machine

Rubber Sheet Separators

Natural rubber processing is extensively labor-intensive starting from latex collection to final export packing.  In one of its stages these rubber sheets are stacked together for easy transportation. To meet export requirement these packed bundles has to be separated for inspection, cleaning, cleaning and repacked. To separate rubber sheets that are already in bundles requires a[…]

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Door Durability Tester

Door Durability Tester

Durability testing is the duration of time a product, part, material, or system can meet its performance requirements. e.g. lifetime span. Durability testing is generally considered a subset of reliability testing. enProducts recently designed and developed a Door Durability tester for testing a newly manufactured 48″x 24″ size ice box door hinge to test its[…]

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