visual inspection table

Visual inspection table

We are happy to share the latest development from our team enProducts: an advanced visual inspection table with image processing technology. Designed for wire harness assembly and inspection, this SPM detects the color and position of harnesses, housings, cable ties, and taping using a high-quality camera and reliable Vision software. . The foundation of this[…]

Fully automatic Connector Assembly Machine

Fully Automatic Connector Assembly Machine

EnProducts® recently achieved a significant milestone by delivering a state-of-the-art fully automatic connector assembly system. This advanced system comprises four crucial parts and incorporates visual inspection and leak testing processes. The primary objective of this innovation is to eliminate the need for human involvement in assembling components, ensuring a high level of redundancy in the[…]


Heat Shrink Oven- PLC based

Introducing our enhanced Heat Shrink Oven – upgraded to a PLC-based system. This advanced version ensures precise and consistent heat shrinking processes. With controlled temperature settings, it can accommodate multiple harnesses simultaneously, it gives the flexibility to adjust the temperature, duration of the shrinking process, and even set separate temperatures for the top and bottom[…]

Automatic heat sealing machine

Automatic heat sealing machine

Exciting news unfolds as we proudly introduce our latest milestone – the revolutionary “Automatic Heat Sealing Machine,” designed to transform the air vent hole sealing process through cutting-edge technology. At its core, this machine operates seamlessly, automating the intricate task of sealing air vent holes with precision and speed, thanks to innovative heat sealing technology.[…]

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

enProducts Pvt ltd offers a wide range of embedded software design and development capabilities. Our experienced team of engineers has expertise in requirements analysis, system architectures, code development, and integration testing for microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Our team provides professional PCB design services including Circuit design, PCB design and layout, 3D printing, and[…]

IC Bending machine 3

IC Lead Bending Machine

IC, Resistors, and Diodes for PCB manufacturing especially for the automotive industry require the leads to be in different shapes. In all cases, these products come in reel form. To make the leads to the required shape, enProducts® automatic bending machines are the best solution when precision and volume are required. This IC lead bending[…]

DualOpt Switches

Dual Hand Industrial Sensor

In the dynamic landscape of industrial machinery, ensuring the safety of operators is paramount. Machines, especially presses, demand a robust safety infrastructure to prevent accidents and injuries. Traditional safety switches with hard buttons have been the norm, but they often lack the convenience and durability required for modern industrial settings. This is where enProducts® DualOpt Safety[…]

Conveyor Oven 4

Conveyor Oven

enProducts® energy-efficient conveyor oven is a highly reliable, precise and controllable heating type with IR heating technology. Our conveyor ovens are up to 5 Meter length, .5 meter Width oven (Customization) that can produce 150℃, are highly energy-efficient and only consumes 4 KW/hr. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted and can be customized[…]

Heat staking machine

Heat Staking Machine

When plastic parts need to assemble into metal parts or any other material after molding, there are different methods to do so. The easiest is to glue together. Another process is to screw, and when IP is required, ultrasonic welding can be done. When it comes to the cost and effectiveness of joining together, the[…]


6 Axis ABB Robotic Insert Molding

enProducts® recently completed fully automated robotic solution for insert molding with ABB 6700 Series 200KG payload automation. enProducts® integrated a complete solution including Insert loading, unloading conveyor system, with EOAT insert load to Mold. Euromap 15.7 integrated with  Moulding machine, along with PLC based control panel provided by enProducts®.  

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