Relay Load Testing equipment

Relay Tester

For any Automotive Relay, it is important to test it rigorously before it is fitted to the vehicle. Any manufacturer who makes this kind of electromechanical device has to be tested with a high load, to ensure its life cycle and performance. enProducts Relay tester is an advanced combination of Programmable Logic Controller – PLC,[…]


Cable Tie Machine

The Cable Tie Machine, designed by enProducts® is specifically engineered to streamline cable management tasks. This smart solution, provided by enProducts®, helps in the process of inserting cable ties at precise locations. The advanced Camera system detects the presence and cable tie insertion. Importantly, it operates under the direct control of the operator, allowing for[…]

visual inspection table

Visual inspection table

We are happy to share the latest development from our team enProducts: an advanced visual inspection table with image processing technology. Designed for wire harness assembly and inspection, this SPM detects the color and position of harnesses, housings, cable ties, and taping using a high-quality camera and reliable Vision software. . The foundation of this[…]

Fully automatic Connector Assembly Machine

Fully Automatic Connector Assembly Machine

EnProducts® recently achieved a significant milestone by delivering a state-of-the-art fully automatic connector assembly system. This advanced system comprises four crucial parts and incorporates visual inspection and leak testing processes. The primary objective of this innovation is to eliminate the need for human involvement in assembling components, ensuring a high level of redundancy in the[…]

8 way Connector Assembly Machine

8-way Connector Assembly Machine

Our 8-way connector assembly machine is a semi automated machine designed and developed for the assembly and testing of 8-way connector, which will be working with pneumatic control. The operators loads the connector and the machine assembles them using pneumatic power. This innovative machine represents a significant advancement in connector manufacturing, making the entire process[…]


Relay Cover Cleaning Machine

A relay cover cleaning machine stands out as a specialized apparatus meticulously crafted for the purpose of cleansing the covers or enclosures of electrical relays. Relays are devices used in electrical systems to control the flow of electricity and are commonly found in industrial settings, power distribution systems, and control panels. Over time, relay covers[…]


4 Way Connector Assembly Machine

Our connector assembly machine is a fully automated machine designed and developed for the assembly and testing of 4-way stepper motor connector, which will be working with rotary index table and vibro-feeders that helps in individual part collection and assembly. Combining it with leakage testing with the help of flow meters and visual inspection sensors[…]


Conveyor Oven

Conveyor oven is an electrically heated enclosed system which is used for heat shrinking applications. The resistance electric heating elements mounted in the system provides the sufficient temperature. The conveyor has a stainless steel mesh belt for transferring the components and can withstand temperature up to 200°C. It consists of 3 heating station each of[…]


PCB Assembly Machine

The PCB assembly machine is an automation machine developed in order to assemble the PCB to the PCB housing. The PCB is subjected to initial inspection by a vision system for detection of any type of damage or change in position, thereby ensuring proper assembly between the parts. The PCB assembly machine is integrated with[…]


Cable Pre Feeder System

The cable pre-feeder system represents an innovative solution designed for the efficient unwinding of cable harnesses from spools. Leveraging a combination of motors and precision mechanical components, the system ensures a smooth and automated unwinding process. When coupled with a buffer unit, the system’s capabilities are further enhanced. This buffer unit plays a dual role[…]

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