Infrastructure for Wire Harness Manufacturing

The infrastructure needed for wire harness manufacturing includes essential components vital for efficient and reliable production. This includes a dedicated production facility equipped with specialized machinery and equipment, sourcing high-quality raw materials, maintaining a skilled workforce, implementing robust quality control systems, adhering to industry standards and regulations, efficient inventory management, and ensuring a safe working[…]

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Relay Load Tester

Relay load testing is an indispensable aspect of ensuring the reliability and performance of electro-mechanical switching devices. With the advent of advanced solutions like the enProducts® Relay Load Tester, manufacturers can streamline their testing procedures and enhance the quality of automotive relays. However, even with sophisticated testing equipment at hand, there are common mistakes that[…]

factory acceptance test FAT at enProducts

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Its Operational Mechanisms

What is Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) ? Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a meticulous process employed by machine manufacturers to subject their products to rigorous testing before delivery. The primary aim is to ensure precise alignment with customer specifications, a crucial step facilitated by EnProducts through essential FAT services. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a pivotal[…]

Robot Part Picking from IMM (Heavy load)

enProducts Pvt Ltd successfully completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic for Injection molded part picking and placing. A molded part from a 3200-ton Injection molding machine weighing 25 Kg has to be handled with a lightweight aluminum profile claw module and compact gripping technology. Thanks to the heavy load 6 axis STAUBLI robotics, with a reach[…]

Relay Load testing equipment

Relay Load Tester

enProducts® Relay Load Tester stands out as an advanced solution designed to streamline and enhance the testing procedures for automotive relays. The reliability and performance of automotive relays play a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of vehicles. As these electromechanical devices are essential components in automotive electrical systems, manufacturers must subject them to[…]

EOL Tester Console

Automotive EOL tester.

enProducts® recently successfully delivered the Universal Automotive tester Console, ready to integrate custom End of Line (EOL) testers. Siemens PLC-based controller equipped with Phoenix interface modules, I/O modules, pre-crimped connectors, USB, Ethernet connectivity, HMI, etc. Ready to fix modular 100 x 100 mm universal plate enables easy installation and customization according to connector/ harness variants.

Terminal Detection and assembling unit-Web

Connector Assembly and testing.

enProducts® recently developed a product ‘Connector Assembly and testing’ for an automotive connector assembly line where the quality of terminals is to be ensured. After terminal insertions, this console checks for its proper insertion and locks terminal locks, also adds test marks. PLC-based compact, tabletop assembly station works with pneumatic pressure with precise movement with[…]


Catalog-TimiT-02 TimiT-02 is an electronic timer for pneumatic/ hydraulic press. TimiT-02 is a unique timer specifically meet all industrial standard and assembly line requirements. Designed and manufactured by enProducts®. TimiT-02 has an inbuilt protection circuit for the safety of operator. Time function can be adjusted for different assembly requirement. TimiT-02 has counter integrated with the[…]

Shrink Sleeve Cutter

Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine

enProducts® proudly presents the Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine (Shrink Sleeve Cutter) , a standalone pneumatic-driven tool crafted with precision for cutting standard length shrink tubes, specifically designed for automotive cable harnessing. This innovative machine, equipped with a PLC , operates smoothly with compressed air, showcasing efficiency in the automotive manufacturing process.  Tailored for cutting shrink[…]

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programmable logic controllers-plc

Understanding Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have become integral components in industrial automation, playing a pivotal role in controlling and monitoring a wide array of processes. These electronic devices are designed to withstand industrial environments and are programmable to execute specific tasks, making them indispensable for modern manufacturing and industrial systems. Key Components of a PLCs  […]

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