Embedded Systems and Custom PCB

enPRODUCTS® offers a wide range of embedded software design and development capabilities. Our experienced team of engineers has expertise in requirements analysis, system architectures, code development, and integration testing for microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Our team provides professional PCB design services including Circuit design, PCB design and layout, 3D printing, and PCB assembly. We[…]

Wine Cradle

Mr Joe Turman (USA) was particular in his concepts for making a cradle for pouring wine. His requirement was to make cost effective copper fabricated wine cradle. enProducts®  made this cradle with elegant design and mechanically smooth and functional with ease of use. We have opted the best methods for its fabrication and plating. For[…]

Servo based IC Lead bending Machine

IC, Resistors, Diodes for PCB manufacturing especially for automotive industry require the leads to be in different shape. In all cases these products comes in reel form. To make the leads to the required shape, enProducts® automatic bending machines are the best solution when precision and volume is required. This IC lead bending machine is[…]

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Conveyor Oven

enProducts® energy efficient conveyor ovens are highly reliable, precise and controllable heating type with IR heating technology. Our conveyor ovens are  up to 5 Meter length, .5 meter Width oven (Customization) that can product 150℃, highly energy efficient only consumes 4 KW/hr. Speed of the conveyor can be adjusted and can be customized as per[…]

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Robotic Soldering Machine

enProducts® designed, manufactured and integrated custom soldering machine with servo programmable soldering machine with multiple fixture. Named as P-RO 2.5 (Process Robot 2.5) has 500 mm X (Servo), 300 Z (Servo), 300 Y (Pneumatic) movement for precise movements and controls with economic pricing. Soldering system integrated with Japan Unix Soldering Head and controllers. PLC Based[…]

DualOpt Switches

Industrial Safety is the prime importance when working along with a machine. Most of the presses need to ensure that the operators hand is in safe condition during the press is operating. Conventional safety switches with hard buttons are righter convenient nor durable. enProducts® DualOpt Safety switches takes care safety and ergonomics of the operator.[…]

Robotic Insert Molding

enProducts® recently completed fully automated robotic solution for insert molding with ABB 6700 Series 200KG payload automation. enProducts® integrated a complete solution including Insert loading, unloading conveyor system, with EOAT insert load to Mold. Euromap 15.7 integrated with  Moulding machine, along with PLC based control panel provided by enProducts®.    

Relay Load Tester

For any Automotive Relay, it is important to test it rigorously before it is fitted to the vehicle. Any manufacturer who  make this kind of electro mechanical devices has to be tested with high load, to ensure the its life cycle and performance. enProducts® Relay tester is an advanced combination of PLC, PC and Micro[…]

Shrink Sleeve Cutter

Shrink Sleeve Cutter

ABOUT THE SYSTEM Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine is standalone PLC based pneumatic driven tool designed and developed by enProducts™ for cutting standard length shrink tubes for automotive cable harnessing purpose.  This tool is made to cut shrink sleeve for connector harnessing.  PLC controller based machine works with compressed air. Pneumatic actuators feed shrink sleeve to[…]

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Automotive EOL tester.

enProducts® recently successfully delivered Universal Automotive tester Console, ready to integrate custom EOL testers. Siemens PLC based controller equipped with Phoenix interface modules, I/O modules, pre-crimped connectors, USB, Ethernet connectivity, HMI etc. Ready to fix modular 100 x 100 mm universal plate enables easy installation and customization according to connector/ harness variants.