Mask Making Machine Manufacturing

The shortage of personal protection equipment (PPV) including N95 and Surgical masks for the medical people is a challenging scenario due to the COVID pandemic. China is not selling any of these items and is in shortage of each and everything. This brings us to manufacturing a Mask Making machine.

Mask Making Machine

                Mask Making Machine

So It is time to be self-occupied to make all necessary items in India for our requirement. enProducts is decided to produce mask-making machines and have made all designs and drawings ready for construction. enProducts is started to find all the available resources and even try to adopt new constructional practices, to reduce the production time. We are estimating 30 days from 15th April 2020, the day the lockdown is over to start production.

We also think If the machine shops and machine manufacturing sector can be included as an essential service in the COVID-19 pandemic. Then only the manufacturer’s service can be availed during such a National emergency.


The following are the major steps in constructing a Mask Making Machine :

  • Essential funding for constructing this Mask Making Machine.
  • The Procurement activities of standard parts will take around 16 days. (To be availed on an urgent basis).
  • Procurement of raw material/ associate with the medical supply team.
  • 1500 custom parts to be made (20% low precision, 50% medium precision, 30% high precision parts).
  • 4 Ultrasonic welding machines required.
  • Pneumatic components required (Festo/ SMC/ Janitics / Mercury).
  • Electrical motors and drives required.
  • Conveyors 3 Nos.
  • PLC and electronic components.
  • Assembly and integration.

It is required about  200 manufacturers to build 1500 parts in such a short time, which is the fastest method of constructing custom parts in 10 days. So it is estimated that one manufacturer can handle 2- 8 parts based on their infrastructure.

We are making available resources to get things done. We are seeking help from a cloud portal Getala for procurement and coordinating manufacturing activities. Please register as a manufacturer from the link below so we can ask you for production parts and immediate support.

  • Machine shops.
  • Fasteners.
  • Standard parts.
  • Conveyor manufacturers.
  • Aluminum extrusion manufacturers.
  • Non-Woven surgical mask fabric material suppliers.
  • Cotton strip/ rope supplier.

Please comment here for your support. If you can support me by any means. Please give your feedback or write to us at or contact WhatsApp +91 9539 740 830

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K.S Akhil
K.S Akhil
4 years ago
Reply to  admin

We mainly need PP and PET polymers which are readily available in India. Main Additive which is used for biocide is DDCA or ODDCA. This material is sold in many names in India. Price of this material might be around 350 INR per liter. Another additive used is a super absorbent polymers. Leading manufacturers are Nippon and BASF. But we can find many suppliers in India or even in kerala for this material as this is used for manufacturing diapers and many other similar applications.

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