Embedded Systems and Custom PCB

enProducts® offers a wide range of embedded software design and development capabilities. Our experienced team of engineers has expertise in requirements analysis, system architectures, code development, and integration testing for microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Our team provides professional PCB design services including Circuit design, PCB design and layout, 3D printing, and PCB assembly.[…]

Relay Load testing equipment

Relay Load Tester

It is important to test it rigorously before it is fitted to the vehicle for any Automotive Relay. Any manufacturer who makes this kind of electromechanical device has to be tested with a high load, to ensure its life cycle and performance. enProducts® Relay tester is an advanced combination of PLC, PC, and Microcontrollers that[…]

EOL Tester Console

Automotive EOL tester.

enProducts® recently successfully delivered the Universal Automotive tester Console, ready to integrate custom EOL testers. Siemens PLC-based controller equipped with Phoenix interface modules, I/O modules, pre-crimped connectors, USB, Ethernet connectivity, HMI, etc. Ready to fix modular 100 x 100 mm universal plate enables easy installation and customization according to connector/ harness variants.


Terminal Detection and assembling unit-Web

Connector Assembly and testing.

enProducts® recently developed a product ‘Connector Assembly and testing’ for an automotive connector assembly line where the quality of terminals is to be ensured. After terminal insertions, this console checks for its proper insertion and locks terminal locks, also adds test marks. PLC-based compact, tabletop assembly station works with pneumatic pressure with precise movement with[…]

Power on Demand

Power on Demand

enProducts recently developed a product, especially for manual assembly lines where the quality of staking is to be controlled. It is common industry to use the manual pneumatic press for assembling small parts. In most cases, the quality of staking, welding, and riveting are very much connected with the line pressure. Our POD-P01 (Power on[…]


Catalog-TimiT-02 TimiT-02 is an electronic timer for pneumatic/ hydraulic press. TimiT-02 is a unique timer specifically meet all industrial standard and assembly line requirements. Designed and manufactured by enProducts™. TimiT-02 has an inbuilt protection circuit for the safety of operator. Time function can be adjusted for different assembly requirement. TimiT-02 has counter integrated with the control box which will give[…]