Robot Part Picking from IMM (Heavy load)

enProducts Pvt Ltd successfully completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic for Injection molded part picking and placing. A molded part from a 3200-ton Injection molding machine weighing 25 Kg has to be handled with a lightweight aluminum profile claw module and compact gripping technology. Thanks to the heavy load 6 axis STAUBLI robotics, with a reach[…]


Robotic Soldering Machine

enProducts® designed, manufactured and integrated a custom Robotic soldering machine with a servo programmable soldering machine with multiple fixtures. Named P-RO 2.5 (Process Robot 2.5) has 500 mm X (Servo), 300 Z (Servo), and 300 Y (Pneumatic) movement for precise movements and controls with economic pricing. Soldering system integrated with Japan Unix Soldering Head and[…]


Robotic Insert Molding

enProducts® recently completed fully automated robotic solution for insert molding with ABB 6700 Series 200KG payload automation. enProducts® integrated a complete solution including Insert loading, unloading conveyor system, with EOAT insert load to Mold. Euromap 15.7 integrated with  Moulding machine, along with PLC based control panel provided by enProducts®.

6 Axis Robotic insert molding

enProducts® recently successfully completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic insert molding projects in collaboration with STAUBLI robotics. Our involvement spanned the entire project lifecycle, from concept design and robotic model selection to the meticulous design of Claw modules, manufacturing, and seamless integration. Notably, this cutting-edge initiative showcased our capability in handling 44 small components with precision,[…]

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