Shrink Sleeve Cutter


Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine is standalone PLC based pneumatic driven tool designed and developed by enProducts™ for cutting standard length shrink tubes for automotive cable harnessing purpose.  This tool is made to cut shrink sleeve for connector harnessing.  PLC controller based machine works with compressed air. Pneumatic actuators feed shrink sleeve to the preferred length and cutting occurs after clamping the tube in position to avoid any uneven cutting edges. Program control mode allows the user to select number of tubes required. All actuators position is ensured with feedback sensors for ensuring accurate and reliable cutting operations.

 Electrical Specification:

  • Input Power: 1 Phase – 230 V 50- Hz, 2KVA.
  • 24 V PLC Controllers.
  • Solenoid coils operating voltage : 24 V DC

Pneumatic  Specification:

  • Input pressure: 8 bar (max)
  • Regulating pressure (FRL factory setting) : 6 bar


  • Adjustable Cutting Length (+/- 5 mm)
  • Shrink sleeve tube length upto 80mm.
  • High speed cut up to 40 tubes per minute.
  • Minimum set up time.
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