Resistoscan 10x

Resistoscan 10x is a versatile device designed for precise testing of thermistors used in industrial and electronic applications. It features a wide temperature range suitable for various settings and accurately measures thermistor resistance, ensuring reliable temperature calculations. If the thermistor shows any deviations from the acceptable range or characteristics, the part will be rejected from further processing. This is essential for quality control of components used in critical applications.  The thermistor tester is capable of measuring resistance with 0.1 ohms accuracy, testing 10 parts at a time by comparing each part with a reference part. 

 Key Features Resistoscan 10x :

  •  Measurement range from 1 k ohms to 200 k Ohms  
  •  Resistance measuring accuracy 1%


  •   Input Power: 12V, 3A 

Resistoscan 10x Image


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