Table Top Conveyor System

The Customizable Conveyor is designed to meet the unique needs of diverse industrial applications. This flexible and adaptable material handling solution allows for tailored configurations to suit specific operational requirements, enhancing productivity and efficiency across various industries.

 Key Features:

  • Available in multiple lengths to fit your facility’s layout an operational need
  • Fully Customizable dimensions
  • Table top conveyor system
  • Choose from a variety of belt materials
  • Configurable load capacity to support light to heavy-duty applications
  • Variable speed control to match the pace of your production line
  • Corrosion resistant Aluminium frame


  •  Motor: 0.5 HP, 1400 R.P. M, 3 PH
  •   FD (Variable Frequency Drive)
  •   Weight:  75Kg


table top conveyor image

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