Injection Molding Machine Part Picking with 6 Axis Robot Automation



enProducts™  recently completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic for Injection molded part picking and placing. A molded part from a 3200-ton Injection molding machine weighing 25 Kg has to be handled with a lightweight aluminum profile claw module and compact gripping technology. Thanks to the heavy load 6 axis STAUBLI robotics, with a reach of 3680 mm. We were engaged in this project from concept design, Robotic model selection, Claw module design, Manufacturing and integration, and throughout integration including industrial safety fencing, door lock system, and emergency modules.

Project Outline.


enProducts™ team worked closely with clients’ engineers and have a tremendous effort to understand and align with clients’ requirements at each stage starting from concept design to the final fine tune adjustments and improvements. Our CAD engineers has associated with enCAD Team to build the most accurate and adaptable design. Team has carried out

Critical part evolved to be a complex turret design for the claw design. Accuracy was the major criteria for manufacturing claw module and gripper module keeping the weight of claw module to be less than 80 kg. Robot nominal load carrying capacity was 125 Kg. To operate in high speed with 100 micron repeatability all the parts where made by CNC process to ensure exactness with the 3d model. Using light weight aluminum structure and specially designed and fabricated off center sheet metal claw module extension made reachability with in limits within calculated payload.

Claw module and integration.

Specifically designed and configured pneumatic actuators and grippers made positive gripping of all smaller components and ensure the reliability in gripping. To avoid injection molded parts damage due to the gripping, specially molded rubber pads are made. All pneumatic grippers are feedbacked with sensors and integrated with the controller.


Controller integration/ Programming.

The controller has integrated with a Siemens PLC control panel with 32 I/O with Staubli controller, Euro map, Emergency, safety switches, molding machine as per schematics. Our electronic engineers closely worked with the Staubli team for robot programming.

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