Conveyor Pulley

The Conveyor Pulley is a versatile mechanism designed for integration with overhead conveyor systems. Its unique hook-slot design allows for the easy hanging of items within the permissible load, while the smooth frictional wheels facilitate seamless translational movement along the pole. This combination of functionalities makes the Conveyor Pulley an optimal choice for conveyor transportation in various industries.

Key Features:

Feature Description
Structure Stainless steel
Weight 250g
Compactness Lightweight and compact
Maintenance Minimal to Zero maintenance
Permissible Load Up to 10Kg


This conveyor pulley is designed to enhance the efficiency and ease of material handling in industrial environments.


Image of a Conveyor Pulley with a unique hook-slot design and smooth frictional wheels, used for efficient movement in overhead conveyor systems.261-C1-Conveyor-Roller-unit-CSS1.5-imageConveyor-Pulley-Dimensions

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