10 November 2023

Connector Manufacturing Industry

Customized Industrial Automation Machines for Connector Manufacturing Precision

We, the enPRODUCTS team offer a more efficient and precise area of connector manufacturing with our advanced automation solutions. We understand the critical role of connectors, emphasizing proper connections without resistance. We acknowledge that the production of flawless connectors within a timeframe requires many processes, including parts assembly, quality testing, and packaging, all of which demand a high amount of manpower. So, our mission is to help connector manufacturing companies produce connectors in bulk quantity to attain maximum production efficiency with minimum manpower, ensuring precise manufacturing. We have a wide range of customized automation machines and solutions for every unique customer, including connector assembly machines and testing machines.

We specialize in developing machines that simplify the connector assembly process, from crimping terminals to molding intricate overmolded connectors that cover the entire spectrum of  our automation solutions. Our end-of-line testing (EOL) machines guarantee the flawless functionality of every connector. We conduct electrical and physical testing, including leak testing and accuracy checks, to ensure the reliability and longevity of the connectors of our clients. Moreover, we also include advanced image processing units in our machines, by which we guarantee that every connector aligns perfectly and meets the highest quality standards  as per the client request.

We also understand the diverse needs of the manufacturing market. So, we offer customized automation solutions for the connector manufacturing industry with small variations to meet specific regional and application requirements. Our Poka-Yoke principles ensure error-proof assembly, minimizing the risk of malfunctions.

Our customized machines for connector manufacturing industry ​

  • Connector Assembly Machines
  • Connector Testing Machines
  • Connector Sealing Machines
  • Connector Molding Machines
  • Connector Stamping Machines
  • Connector Sorting Machines
  • Wire Termination Machines
  • Crimping Machines
  • Robotics in Connector Manufacturing
8 way Connector Assembly Machine
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