5 Tonne Press

The 5 Tonne Press is a table top mount pressing machine with a 5-tonne capacity and a safety enclosure. The machine has a continuous loading hydro-pneumatic cylinder allowing a band of variable pressing forces. The system and its tool fixture is also customizable for various pressing applications based on the type of tool or process.


• Hydro-pneumatic cylinder.
• Operating pressure of 6 bar.
• Operating Power – 0.5KW, Single Phase.
• Weight: 170Kg

Key Features:

• Capacity of 5 tonne.
• Table top mount design.
• Variable Load Capacity for various applications.
• Customizable tool fixtures for various applications.
• Acrylic Enclosure with Safety Light Curtain.
• Robust and ergonomic design.
• Easily maintainable.
• HMI screen for user-friendly interaction with the machine.

5-tonne press image 25 tonne press image

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