4 Way Connector Assembly Machine

Our connector assembly machine is a fully automated machine designed and developed for the assembly and testing of 4-way stepper motor connector, which will be working with rotary index table and vibro-feeders that helps in individual part collection and assembly. Combining it with leakage testing with the help of flow meters and visual inspection sensors makes it an ideal machine for assembly and testing of the 4-way connectors.

Key Features:

  •   Vision system integrated with barcode scanning . 
  •   LCD display monitor for vision system analysis. 
  •   HMI for display of machine status. 
  •   Easy and simple operation. 
  •   Easy accessibility in case of maintenance activities.
  •   Advanced vision system for identification of any damage and position.


  •   Input Power : 1 Phase – 230 V 50- Hz, 2KVA
  •   Weight : Approx. 1000 Kg
  •   Operating Pressure : 6 Bar
  •   Drive System: Rotary Indexer


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