Bending And Torsion Set Up For Cables

The bending and torsion test setup is a specialized piece of equipment designed for testing the durability and performance of cables through bending and twisting operations. Its primary purpose is to assess the cable’s ability to withstand these mechanical stresses, which can be crucial in various industries such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and more.

 Key Features:

  •   Easy and simple operation.
  •   The rotating angle is adjustable.
  •   Easy accessibility in case of maintenance activities.
  •   Enclosure for the machine as part of safety of operators. 
  •   HMI Screen for easy communication of operator to the machine.
  •   Sensor system for finding the number of rotations completed.
  •   Machine can be run in both clockwise and anti-clock wise direction.


  •   Input Power: 1 Phase, N, E, 600W
  •   Weight : Approx. 70 Kg
  •   Drive System: Stepper Motor

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