Cable Pre Feeder System

The cable pre-feeder system represents an innovative solution designed for the efficient unwinding of cable harnesses from spools. Leveraging a combination of motors and precision mechanical components, the system ensures a smooth and automated unwinding process.

When coupled with a buffer unit, the system’s capabilities are further enhanced. This buffer unit plays a dual role by providing a continuous length of cable, even during brief interruptions in the unwinding motor’s operation. Additionally, it acts as a crucial shock absorber positioned strategically between the motor and the external machine. This feature is instrumental in mitigating shocks and vibrations, thereby safeguarding the external machinery from potential damage.

The cable pre-feeder system not only streamlines the unwinding of cable harnesses but also adds a layer of resilience and protection through its intelligent integration with a buffer unit. This sophisticated solution contributes to heightened efficiency and reliability in cable management, making it a valuable asset across various industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • Advanced sensor system for identification of requirement of cable and switching off the motor
  • Easy accessibility in case of maintenance activities
  • Easy and simple operation


  • Input Power : 3KW, 1PH, N, E
  • Weight : Approx. 1 Tone
  • Drive system : 2 X Motor-5HP ,3HP

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