Catalog-TimiT-02 TimiT-02 is an electronic timer for pneumatic/ hydraulic press. TimiT-02 is a unique timer specifically meet all industrial standard and assembly line requirements. Designed and manufactured by enProducts®. TimiT-02 has an inbuilt protection circuit for the safety of operator. Time function can be adjusted for different assembly requirement. TimiT-02 has counter integrated with the[…]

Embedded Systems and Custom PCB

enProducts® offers a wide range of embedded software design and development capabilities. Our experienced team of engineers has expertise in requirements analysis, system architectures, code development, and integration testing for microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Our team provides professional PCB design services including Circuit design, PCB design and layout, 3D printing, and PCB assembly.[…]

Wine Cradle

Wine Cradle

Mr. Joe Turman (USA) was particular in his concepts for making a cradle for pouring wine. He was required to make a cost-effective copper fabricated wine cradle. enProducts® made this cradle with elegant design and mechanically smooth and functional with ease of use. We have opted for the best methods for its fabrication and plating.[…]


Robotic Soldering Machine

enProducts® designed, manufactured and integrated a custom Robotic soldering machine with a servo programmable soldering machine with multiple fixtures. Named P-RO 2.5 (Process Robot 2.5) has 500 mm X (Servo), 300 Z (Servo), and 300 Y (Pneumatic) movement for precise movements and controls with economic pricing. Soldering system integrated with Japan Unix Soldering Head and[…]

DualOpt Switches

DualOpt Switches

enProducts® DualOpt Safety switches take care safety and ergonomics of the operator. DualOpt Safety switches are easy to operate and 20% faster than conventional safety switches. More durable and having and guaranteed to operate 2 million cycles. Works with PLC any PLC provided with blocks. Industrial Safety is the prime importance when working along with a[…]

Pet Treat Holder

New Product Development (USA)

enProducts® dedicated New Product Introduction team manages every detail of New Product Development (USA), from prototype runs to pilot production. This team includes mechanical, electrical, software, quality, and manufacturing engineers working together to ensure the highest degree of technical excellence and execution. The initial phase of our NPI team is to examine the product documentation.[…]

Power on Demand

Power on Demand

enProducts recently developed a product, especially for manual assembly lines where the quality of staking is to be controlled. It is common industry to use the manual pneumatic press for assembling small parts. In most cases, the quality of staking, welding, and riveting are very much connected with the line pressure. Our POD-P01 (Power on[…]

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