Shrink Sleeve Cutter

Shrink Sleeve Cutter

ABOUT THE SYSTEM Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine is standalone PLC based pneumatic driven tool designed and developed by enProducts™ for cutting standard length shrink tubes for automotive cable harnessing purpose.  This tool is made to cut shrink sleeve for connector harnessing.  PLC controller based machine works with compressed air. Pneumatic actuators feed shrink sleeve to[…]

Shrink Sleeve Heating Oven

Shrink Sleeve Heating Oven

ABOUT THE SYSTEM Heat Shrink Oven is standalone equipment designed and developed by enProducts™  for shrinking heat shrink sleeves commonly used in automotive harnesses. Highly efficient infrared heater with turbulent flow reduces power consumption considerably. Variable temperature and timing cycle makes it compatible for any type of products which requires even shrinking. Auto start and[…]

6 Axis Robot integration with IMM 3200 T

Injection Molding Machine Part Picking with 6 Axis Robot Automation

    enProducts™  recently completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic for Injection molded part picking and placing. A molded part from a 3200-ton Injection molding machine weighing 25 Kg has to be handled with a lightweight aluminum profile claw module and compact gripping technology. Thanks to the heavy load 6 axis STAUBLI robotics, with a reach[…]


6 Axis Robotic Insert Molding

enProducts® recently successfully completed 6 Axis Industrial robotic insert molding projects with STAUBLI robotics. We were engaged in this project from concept design, Robotic model selection, Claw module design, Manufacturing and integration. This project handled 44 small components handling, 2 finished parts including the runner in 60 seconds. Design. enProducts® team worked closely with clients’[…]

Instant Tea making Automation

Instant Tea Packing Automation

enProducts™ successfully completed a turn key project for leading food processing company, in a challenging environment. KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Fully automated charging and discharging system. Semi-automated packaging. PLC controlled weighing and auto feeding unit Integration with Metal detecting conveyors. Manual capping/spray inserter station Hygienic design. Stainless steel food grade construction. CORE CHALLENGES: Restricted budget Tight[…]

Power on Demand

Power On Demand

enProducts™ recently developed a product, especially for manual assembly lines where the quality of staking is to be controlled. It is common industry to use the manual pneumatic press for assembling small parts. In most cases, the quality of staking, welding, and riveting are very much connected with the line pressure. Our POD-P01 (Power on[…]

Drop Testing Machine 1 Ton

Drop Testing Machine Specification Models: 1000KG (2000lbs) Drop heights: 72″/2000mm for model Screw drive lift system Massive 4 tine support carriage Accelerated drop thrusts carriage ahead of payload Meets ISTA, ASTM, and ISO standards Remote control panel can be located in convenient location Performs flat, edge and corner drops International power configurations Optional features Safety fence[…]

Pet Treat Holder

New Product Development (USA)

enProducts™ dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) team manages every detail of New Product introductions, from prototype runs to pilot production. The New Product Introduction team includes mechanical, electrical, software, quality, and manufacturing engineers, working together to ensure the highest degree of technical excellence and execution. The initial phase of our NPI team is to examine[…]

Wine Cradle

Wine Cradle

Mr Joe Turman (USA) was particular in his concepts for making a cradle for pouring wine. His requirement was to make cost effective copper fabricated wine cradle. enProducts®  made this cradle with elegant design and mechanically smooth and functional with ease of use. We have opted the best methods for its fabrication and plating. For[…]

Process Control

Boiler Feed Logger and Control system

Boiler Feed Logger was a challenging project for enProducts®, when our customer comes with such a requirement which has no one used before. One of the leading extract exporters uses different feed materials which is the input of the boiler. This customer was using different process waste materials like Husk, Marigold along with coal for[…]