Liquid Filling Assembly Line

enProducts® recently proposed an extraction filling plant automation and the proposal is in consideration. We have made initial study to implement the automation, further concept design is proposed to the management.


  • Semi-automated low speed packaging line designed for flexibility
  • Integrated In-line filler
  • Automated conveying system with rapid rail adjustment
  • Manual capping/spray inserter station
  • Automatic Leak Testing
  • Manual packing and bundling station
  • Automated case weighing
  • Manual palletizing


  • Restricted budget
  • Multi line with different liquids.
  • Several types of products/bottles will run on the same line in a single day
  • Bucket size and liquid capacity (20l)
  • Hygienic environment and packing.
  • Solution must be flexible enough to handle bottles that have not yet been designed
  • Quick changeover required
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