Power on Demand

enProducts recently developed a product, especially for manual assembly lines where the quality of staking is to be controlled. It is common industry to use the manual pneumatic press for assembling small parts. In most cases, the quality of staking, welding, and riveting are very much connected with the line pressure. Our POD-P01 (Power on Demand – Pressure) will make sure the line pressure is above the required pressure and if the line pressure drops POD gives an alarm as well as breaks the power supply to the pneumatic press line which ensures quality in production. This device is designed and developed by enProducts® and installed in processing assembly.

Digital adjustment for pressure is provided for easy adjustment of air pressure, which makes this device very user-friendly. 

Features :

  • Positive and vacuum pressure monitoring.
  • 2 set points with hysteresis adjustment.
  • 230 Power output (2 nos).
  • Tabletop portable unit.
  • Powder-coated Metal enclosure.
  • Reset option with Manual and Auto mode.
  • Highly reliable.

Best Suited for :

  • Manual operated staking pneumatic press.
  • Manual pneumatic press operations.
  • Manual riveting operations.
  • Manual Resistance welding lines.
  • Manual relay assembly process.

Available with :

  • Power On Demand (Pressure)
  • Power On Demand (Temperature)
  • Power On Demand (Humidity)

Download Catalog here:  PowerOnDemad-POD-P-01


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