TimiT-02 is an electronic timer for pneumatic/ hydraulic press. TimiT-02 is a unique timer specifically meet all industrial standard and assembly line requirements. Designed and manufactured by enProducts®. TimiT-02 has an inbuilt protection circuit for the safety of operator. Time function can be adjusted for different assembly requirement. TimiT-02 has counter integrated with the control box which will give exact information about production. This model work with 230V AC, 50Hz and consume less power. 24V DC output signal makes easy to set up with pneumatic solenoid coils.

We have developed an easy installation standalone trouble free timer device for assembly manual operation pneumatic press.
We have successfully installed this device to many manual operated presses and we are very much interested to know if you have any requirement for your existing/ new assembly stations.
This device can also be customized to meet your specific needs.
This unit comes with unique features as follows.

  • Adjustable timing can be set according your operational time.
  • Interlocked (Malfunction protected) Push buttons. Avoid accidents due to operator carelessness.
  • Standalone table top device.
  • Ready to connect to 24V DC solenoid coils, of pneumatic press. (Customization possible)
  • Easy to install. Can be plugged to normal 230 V AC 3A power socket.
  • With inbuilt operation counter. (Mechanical/ electronic)
  • Metal powder coated enclosure.