9 August 2023

Wire Harness Assembly and Tester Machine Manufacturing

Wire harness manufacturing require machines in all stages starting from cable preparation to final testing. We have the expertise in manufacturing the wire harness assembly machines and testers. Our customized assembly line solutions includes the following machines.

  • Spool loading and unloading machines
  • Cable feeder (50 kg 300 mm dia spool to 1000 kg 1000 mm dia spool)
  • Cable straightener
  • Cable cutting. (1 square mm. To 120 square mm)
  • Cable sleeve removal
  • Coaxial stripping machine
  • Pneumatic stripping machines
  • Cable crimping machines
  • 2 ton to 20 ton servo press
  • Crimping tools
  • Applicator
  • Connector assembly fixtures automatic, semi automatic and Manual machines
  • Taping fixtures
  • Heat shrink tube oven for insulation preparations
  • Dip soldering machines
  • Visual inspection for cable connector assembly
  • Cable routing, length measurements
  • Testers for continuity, high voltage, current leakage, air resistance etc.

Wire Harness Assembly Machines Manufacturing

From design to production, our wire harness assembly machine solutions streamline your manufacturing process. Quality and efficiency guaranteed.
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Wire harness

Assembly lines for a high-volume EV harness (DC & AC and LV) delivered by enProducts.

Wire Harness Tester Machines Manufacturing

Our expertise in manufacturing your customized tester machines ensure your wire harnesses meet the highest quality standards. Accurate testing for optimal performance.

wire harness testers